Name: Agnes Wong Class: 5C

Letter of Enrolment
Dear Sir/Madam,
I’m very interested in joining the law internship programme
and wish to apply for it in this summer holiday.
I’m a Form 5 student from Yu Chun Keung Memorial College
No.2. Concerning law, I knew the company was going to run
an internship programme so I would like to join in. I am very
good at analyzing. I am also good at arguing. So I think my
skills can be use for my dream job – being lawyer. Although
my English is not good, I will work hard and learn more
English about the law. I think this is will be hard for me but I
will not give up, because I really like the law and want to be a
Since I was a child, I always think being a lawyer is a very
cool occupation because they can help people fight for their
rights. If I become a lawyer, I hope I can help many people to
have righteousness. Although I may not become a very good
lawyer, helping people makes me feel happy.
I hope in the programme, I can learn more about the law, like
loopholes in the law and why law is important. I think this is
the favourite thing in my life. I feel that this programme can
be the stepping stone for me to learn about the law.
Finally, I really hope that I can be chosen to take part in this
programme because I guarantee that I am the best candidate.
I wish the programme every success.
Lee Kiu Yeung Class: 5B (16)