Study Guide for Rome Second Test The following answers can be


Study Guide for Rome Second Test

The following answers can be found on your class worksheets and your notes.

Not ALL of this will be on the test but everything on the test is on this study guide somewhere.


1.) How did he gain power?

2.) Who did he fight?

3.) Which areas did he gain for Rome?

4.) What group ruled jointly over Rome for a time?


1.) What was a typical day at the games like?

2.) Why did they have the games?

3.) Who were they?

4.) How often did they fight?

5.) Where were the games held?


1.) You should know each Emperor (from our class worksheet and lecture) and the main things that they did. Focus on Diocletian, Claudius, Nero, Trajan, Augustus, Hadrian, Aurelius, and



1.) Know the main gods (Jupiter, Mars, Neptune, Apollo, Mercury, Juno, Minerva, Diana,

Venus). What was each the God or Goddess of?

2.) What was the traditional Roman Religion (before Christianity)?

3.) How did Christianity become legal in the East and the West?


1.) What was Rome’s greatest defeat in regards to fighting the Germanic tribes? What effect did this loss have?

2.) Why were the Huns important?

3.) Who led the Huns?


1.) What are aqueducts and how many supplied Rome?

2.) What were aqueducts used for?

3.) Why did they build roads?

4.) Besides Engineers, who built the roads?

Problems of the Republic

1.) Who were the Gracchus Brothers and why are they important?

2.) Who is Spartacus?

3.) What was the battle of Pharsalus?

4.) What factions fought each other during the Civil Wars?


1.) What or who is Pax Romana, Byzantine Empire, Corruption, and Virgil?