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Saint Paul

His Past
❏ Originally called Saul.
❏ Scriptures were in Canon Bible.
❏ Had a vision so converted to Christianity going to
❏ Baptised and took the name Paul.
Traveled to Arabia and Jerusalem.
Preached a lot.
Disliked because he changed Jews to Christianity.
Returned to home of Tarsus.
Called by Barnabas to go to Antioch.
Went to Cypress and Asia minor.
Traveled through most of Europe:Macedonia, Greece and
❏ Was Captured by Jews and imprisoned for 2 years in
❏ From release he shipwrecked in Malta ans was captured
again in Rome.
❏ Eventually he made it to Spain and back to Rome.
The End of the Road
❏ In 67 A.D he was arrested for as second time in Rome and
was beheaded under Emperor Nero.
❏ I aspire to him because no matter how many times he was
rejected he kept fighting for what he believed in.