Candidate Statement
To whom it may concern
My name is John Pryde but ever since I was a day old I have gone by Jack. I grew up in
Metro-Detroit, Royal Oak my entire life. While I was growing up sports were always a
big part of my life, especially soccer. From a very young age soccer was my passion
and I was good at it. However, just because I was good wasn’t enough for me I always
needed to get better, so I practiced everyday for at least two hours a day. My passion
and hard work paid off and before my senior year I was named a pre-season allamerican. It was great until I found out I fractured my spine in three places. When that
happened I realized my professional hopes were over. It was a tough time but I
persevered and was able to play two years of college soccer. After my third year of
soccer I got hurt yet again and was told that I would not be on the team the next year so
I decided I would pick up football. Even though it was a lot of work I trained harder than
ever before and for the past two years I have led my team in scoring.
With all these hardships I have come to the conclusion, that I was meant to become and
teacher and help my students to the best of my ability. Sports have also allowed me to
become a “team player” so to speak and be extremely coachable, I can adapt to any
situation that I am thrown into, and if at first I don’t succeed I will persevere until I do.
John “Jack” Pryde
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