Real Madrid C.F
By: Daniel Grosscup
Why Real Madrid?
O My Grandfather introduced the team to me
at a Young age and it has been important to
me since then
O You feel as if you are apart of the team by
O I have played soccer since I was 4 years old
and have always tried to do what the players
O To show people that soccer is a lot more
interesting than what it looks like on TV
O Showcase that soccer teams in Spain are
made up of people around the world
O To use the skills that I have learned
throughout the semester to create a good
O To pick a topic and stay with it
O The JavaScript didn’t upload correctly
causing me to find one last minute
O Whenever I fixed something, another thing
would stop working
O Procrastination
Key Points Learned
O I learned that I constantly try to fix things
when there is nothing wrong
O That creating a website takes a lot more
time than I thought
O I actually know how to make a
O Proposal
O PowerPoint
O Excel
O JavaScript
O Roster
O Videos of Players
O Links to Official Website