Assignment 2

Ms. Geiger
Core D-Comp&Lit
Assignment 2
Beowulf lines 1250-2200
Due 1/19 (JAX) & 1/20 (MAN)
Instructions: Answer the following study questions fully, following all directions and using
complete sentences. Remember to support your answers with material from the text, and
do not consult the internet in order to answer any of the questions.
Some questions may require answers longer (at least 2-5 sentences.) Use a separate sheet of
paper if necessary.
1.What does Beowulf tell Hrothgar, who is grieving over Grendel’s mother’s attack and the
death of his counselor Aeschere? What is the heroic code he proclaims?
2. What do the monsters Grendel and Grendel’s mother represent in the story? (Give this your
best shot.)
3. Multiple times throughout this section, the poet compares two people in order to emphasize
the good or bad qualities of each. Note at least two times when this happens and what is being
emphasized each time.
4. During the victory celebration at Heorot, Hrothgar gives a lengthy, sermon-like speech to
Beowulf. What are the main points of his speech?
5. When Beowulf returns home, he predicts a bad outcome to a marriage involving the Danes
and the Heothobards. Why is he pessimistic about the proposed marriage?