Grendel Power Point

Wolf with Napkin on Neck
Planks from a floor
Pic of Matted Dog
Oak Tree with Roots
Question # 1
How did this story affect your
feelings about Grendel? Explain.
Question # 2
How does this selection
portray Grendel’s
personality and motives?
 (Consider his feelings, his shock upon encountering
Beowulf, his confusion during and after the battle
with Beowulf, his calls to his mother, and the final
line that he whispers to the animals.)
Question #
Why do you think Grendel
insists that his death is an
Question # 3
 Literary Concept: Point of View. Grendel is
told in first-person point of view.
How is this selection’s point of
view significant? Explain.
Question # 4
Do you think Gardner’s Grendel
is an accurate rendition of the
character that appears in
Beowulf? Why or why not?
Question #
How does this selection reflect
attitudes and values of today’s
 Use details from the text in your
answer to support your answer.