Beowulf Discussion Questions : “The Arrival of the Hero”

Beowulf Discussion Questions :
“The Arrival of the Hero”
Pt. 4:
Why did Wulfgar stop Beowulf and his men? Why is this important?
2. Does Hrothgar trust Beowulf? How do you know this?
3. Beowulf is giving his resume to Hrothgar. What are his qualifications?
4. Discuss Beowulf’s plan.
5. Discuss the purpose of this section.
6. Discuss the Christian references in this section.
7. List any kennings.
Pt. 5:
1. Discuss Hrothgar’s speech and the significance of the beginning of the speech. Include how
you believe Beowulf would react to this.
2. The tone of the passage significantly changes at the end. Discuss the effect of this on you the
reader and why this may have been done.
3. Change your perspective- look at this passage through the eyes of Grendel. Discuss how
Grendel would react to this passage.
4. List any kennings.