World History Mini Research Paper

Semester One Project- 2011
World History Mini Research Paper
Mr. Christie
In order to earn an A in world history, you must
write a “mini-report” and earn at least a B on it.
The report is due any time between the
beginning of the semester and Thanksgiving
Break. You may submit a draft for revision and
meet with me as many times as necessary.
Choose a subject that we have already studied
and about which you want to know more. Delve
deeper into the subject than we were able to in
class. Your thesis will be that the topic,
whatever it is, was a great contribution to western thought, western government or
western civilization.
For example:
1) Plato’s ideas presented in the Republic are as important to America today as they
were to Greece in 350 B.C.
2) Charles-Louis Montesquieu’s idea about checks and balances is the most
important element of the U.S. Constitution.
3) America is built on Greco-Roman and Judeo-Christian principles.
4) Check with me and I’ll clear it.
The report should be no less than 300 words and no more than 500 words (a page and a
half to two pages).
Please type double space and include a few visuals.
Use MLA format.
Procedure1) Choose a topic that captures your interest and begin to research.
2) If you are still interested, write a thesis statement and clear it with the teacher.
3) Gather resources. Save your sites for future reference and citation.
4) Review the research paper rubric and write a rough draft.
5) Have a parent or friend help you revise or edit your work- have them initial the draft.
6) Site your sources (MLA format).
7) Write a final draft and run spell and grammar check.
8) Submit two copies of the final in a plastic sleeve or folder.
I have an expository writing rubric that can help guide your writing, and I will use the
same rubric to assess your final draft. Good luck, and please choose something you are
interested in knowing more about!