Name: Demonstration Speech Outline Rubric (Must attach rubric

Name: ________________________
Staple in the following Order:
Rubric (This side up!)
Final Outline
Rough Outline
Rehearsal Log
(At least 10 reheasals)
Demonstration Speech Outline Rubric
(Must attach rubric and rehearsal log to final outline)
___/5 Introduction
• 3-5 Complete sentences
• First sentence gets attention (See types from class notes.)
• Transition sentences
• Last sentence is thesis statement (one sentence identifying the purpose of
your speech)
___/30 Body
• Key words (3-5 word phrases only)
• Introduce all materials/attire needed under A
• Describe ALL steps in detail under B, C, and D
___/5 Conclusion
• 3-5 Complete sentences
• Restate thesis statement (may use exact wording or rephrase)
• Summarize importance of what you have demonstrated
• Show us finished product
• Last sentence should clearly/smoothly end speech (Don’t leave us hanging!)
___/10 Neatness/Outline Form
• Neatly written in blue or black ink
• Typed 12-14 point Arial or TNR font; black ink
(Printer/computer difficulties do not justify late work; plan ahead or write it)
• Include MLA header (See Outline Handout.)
• Follow correct outline format (See Outline Handout.)
____/ 50 Total