Beautiful Speeches

Beautiful Speeches
Beautiful Speeches is dedicated to helping people prepare for wedding speeches that they
normally don’t have to give. Whether it’s the grooms, the best man’s wedding speech, or
the father of the bride speech; our e-book will give you the tips you need to get through
the speech. Let’s face it; you don’t want to say the wrong thing.
The Best Man’s Speech
The truth is that a better best man speech is one that you do not rehearse for, letting it out
from the heart tends to create a better speech. However try to remember the following
when giving your speech:
 Be Sober!
The last thing you want to do is give a speech while drunk, you may say things
that were never meant to be heard by the bride and her family. You also don’t
want the groom knowing any resenting feelings you have towards him. As the
best man you will probably be expected to drink, wait to over do it after your
 Start at the Beginning
It is always good to say how you and the groom met, especially if you two are
friends and not siblings. Not everyone at the wedding will know who you are so
let them know why you were chosen as the best man
 Make Sure to Mention the New Bride
As mentioned above, it is good to mention how you and the groom met but
briefly. Your speech should not be about you and him but about him and his new
bride. Make sure to say why she is perfect for him even if you really do not like
 Be Respectful
This is a no brainer! Remember there will be kids there and people who do not
need to hear any obscenities.
 Be funny, Make it Memorable
You can find a way to be funny without being obscene; a funny story about the
groom is always good. This is your time to shine and be remembered at the party
so that you’re not just some guy.
The Groom’s Speech
This is one of the happiest days of your life. Since this is your dream girl (hopefully), a
good groom’s speech will come directly from the heart; however do try to consider the
Be Sober!
No one wants to hear a drunken groom ruin what is the most important speech of
his life because he partied too hard with alcohol. Drinking is part of any
wedding, but a drunken groom can ruin the speech and the wedding, don’t do that
your new bride
Let Everyone Know How You Met
Most people will have heard this story many times before but there are those who
haven’t. On this day it is almost a must to tell this story
Say Why You Wanted To Marry Her
“Because I thought she was hot” is not a good answer, instead talk about the
attributes that she has that would make her a good wife.
Tell A Funny Story About Her
This is not necessary yet it can help you calm down if you are nervous. If you
can tie it in to how you met her or why you wanted to marry her then it would be
even more perfect.
Thank Her Parents
You may not like one or both of her parents but on this day none of that should
matter. Let them know you appreciate them for letting this wedding happen and
fro doing a great job raising their daughter. For respect of your new bride, show
respect to her parents at least on this day.
The Father of the Bride Speech
So your daughter is getting married; this may be the first time you realize that
she’s not daddy’s little girl anymore. While it may be tough to realize this is going to be
one of the most important days in your daughter’s life. So don’t embarrass her and
remember the following when giving your speech at her wedding;
 Star Off By thanking Everyone
It is always good to thank everyone for coming even though the wife and groom
might have thanked them already. It is a great way of letting everyone know this
day is just as important to you as it is to them.
 Tell A Short Anecdote of When She Was Younger
A story of when the bride was a little girl is always good to hear and also stresses
how much your daughter means to you.
 Tell Why She Would Be A Good Wife
Bring out some qualities that you have noticed over the years that make you think
your daughter would be a good wife to her new husband.
 Acknowledge The Groom
You may not like the groom but here you are your daughters wedding with this
guy so make the most of it. Talk about the good qualities you see in him and
why you think he would make a good husband to your daughter.
 Give Some Words of Advice
You are a man with a bit more experience than the newly weds; give them some
priceless information on how they could succeed in their marriage and use
examples of your life if you have to. On this day your daughter might actually be
grateful for the advice you give her