jessie bascom simile

The three
branches of
government under
the constitution
are like a
The constitution is like
the vows
The vows of a wedding show what the
bride and groom will do for each other
like the constitution shows what the
will do for the
The people are like the
The parents of a bride support her in most
of her decisions, but speak up if they
don’t approve of something like the
people support most of the decisions
made by the government, but speak up if
they don’t approve.
The executive branch is
like the cake bakery
The cake bakery carries out the owners
ideas of how they want the cake to look
like the executive branch carries out the
The legislative branch is
like the maid of honor
The maid of honor proposes ideas when
help picking out items for the bride like
the legislative branch proposes laws for
the people.
The judicial branch is like
the audience
The audience can object if they don’t think
the wedding should happen like the
judicial branch objects to a law if they
don’t think it follows the constitution.
The president is like the
wedding planner
The wedding planner gets to know the
clients so that they get an idea of what
they want like the president gets to know
the people so that he/she can get an idea
of what they want.
Congress is like the bride
and the groom
The bride and the groom have all the
power over the wedding like the congress
has all the legislative power.
The supreme court is like
the priest
The priest says the final conclusion of the
wedding like the supreme court says the
final conclusion of a federal case.
Checks and balances are
like the checklist
The check list helps the wedding move
smoothly and organized like checks and
balances help the government move
smoothly and organized.
Separation of powers is like
the groom and bride sides
The audience is split between the bride
and groom side like the government is
split into branches.
The constitutional
convention is like the
At the rehearsal they decide who goes
where like at the constitutional
convention they decide what becomes a
James Madison is like the
wedding photographer
The photographer takes photos and notes
and puts it into a scrap book like James
Madison took notes at the constitutional
convention and made it into a book.
The senate is like the
The courthouse approves a marriage
license like the senate approves foreign
The house of representatives
is like the family
The family can fire anyone who works at
the wedding like the house of
representatives can “fire” (impeach) the
The articles of confederation
are like the ceremony.
The ceremony is normally great but has its’
flaws just like the articles of
confederation were a great outline of the
government but had their flaws.