is not married

Before you watch
Nativity play – a play which tells the story of the birth of Jesus, usually performed at
Stag night – a party thrown for the groom before he is married, to which only male friends
are invited
While you watch
Complete the gaps with the names of the characters:
________________ knows the old version of the song better.
________________'s wife has just died.
________________ 's daughter has been given a part in the Nativity play.
________________ is usually called Jack.
________________ had an uncle whose name was Terence.
________________ is not married.
________________ has just started his/her job.
________________ had an unpleasant surprise on his stag night.
________________ wants to take out his mother for her birthday.
________________ cooked for the wedding.
________________wants go to America because he would get a girlfriend there instantly.
________________thought Mark was in love with the groom.
________________ and ________________ don't like the music at the wedding.
________________ is in love with the chief designer and all her co-workers know about it.
________________ thinks that the new single is the worst record he's heard this century.
After you watch
Complete the dialogues with the pairs of words below. Do you remember who said these lines
in the film?
household - running
popped - house
blunt - might
addict - price
date – pretty
a drink - drop
mind – rotten
primarily - game
You sure you don't __________ me going without you?
No, really. I'm just feeling so __________.
Would you like to meet your ____________ staff?
Yes, I would like that very much indeed. Anything to put off actually ________ the country.
Oh, I just __________ over to borrow some old CDs.
The lady of the __________ let you in, did she?
And I am __________ attractive to girls, you know, who are cooler, __________ for a laugh.
Like American girls.
Some of her requests, for instance, that I should bring Claudia Schiffer as my _________ to
the funeral, I was confident she expected me to ignore. But others she was _________ damn
clear about.
I just thought I'd ask the _______ question in case it was the right one and you needed
someone to talk to about it and no one had ever asked you so you never been able to talk
about it even though you _______ have wanted to.
Invite him out for ________, then after about 20 minutes, casually ________ in to the
conversation the fact that you'd like to marry him and have lots of sex and babies.
But wouldn't it be great if number one this Christmas wasn't some smug teenager but an old
ex-heroin ________ searching for a comeback at any ________?