Marriage in Afghanistan

By Timothy Blake
English II
What Is Marriage ?
 Marriage is the formal union of a man and woman,
recognized by law, when they become husband and wife
 It celebrates togetherness and love between husbands,
wives, families, and friends
 They can happen anytime, anywhere and are just as
diverse as the couples who come together to share their
lives, but they are celebrated differently around the
world, such as Afghanistan
The grooms family members and elders meet the bride at her
home and gives her sweets and gifts and gives her family members
money and clothing
The brides family hosts a meal, the request is then made formally
for the girls hand from the father of the groom to the brides
father, he then accepts the groom as his servant
Families discuss matters of expenses, jewelry given to the bride,
and other necessities
Between engagement and marriage
 Groom and grooms family buys jewelry, clothes,
household items, money, and wedding expenses
 If groom cannot bear wedding expenses, then he must
serve and live with his future father in law until the debt
is paid
 The groom and bride do not meet yet, but sends gifts
through family and friends
The Henna Night: Takht e Khina
A function held a few days before the wedding or on the
preceding night, by the brides home
The grooms family prepares baskets of henna (powdered leaves
used to dye hair, fabric, or skin) and carries it to the brides home,
and children carry baskets decorated in flowers and candles
The grooms elder brother seats him by the bride in the dais and
the rituals begin
The bride is teased by the female relatives of the groom and
has to pay toll, but the bride can close her right hand and
refuse decoration unless the groom opens her hand with force
or promises gifts, the groom then puts the henna in the brides
hand, covers it with a white cloth and leaves the party
marriage customs demand that the festivities are spread over
three days and ceremonies are conducted between 6 pm and 2
Consists of livestock, poverty, and wealth
The bride and the groom exchanges vows
Priest reads sections from Quran and helps the couple through
the ceremony. Friends and family participate as well
These ceremonies usually take place in villages and if so they
take place at the grooms home
Men and women dance eat and celebrate together
Similar to western marriage reception
 Usually hosted by grooms family
 Male and female guests are separated and sent to
different areas for entertainment
 The bride and groom walk the isle after dinner, to be
showered with gifts and sweets
 They the exchange rings and cut the cake after going
through several rituals
 The bride and groom are then conducted to their
wedding chamber the next morning and left alone…
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