Navajo Wedding Traditions


Paige Poulterer

   The ceremony for a traditional Navajo wedding is simple, but the preparation for it isn't. Marriages were arranged by the groom's parents. The grooms family was to give an offering of some type to the bride’s family. The bride's family became responsible for building a Hogan to hold the ceremony in and to live in after the ceremony

  A ceremony involves white or blue corn meal in a wedding basket that the bride and groom feed to each other. They then pass the basket clockwise around the Hogan so that each guest may eat a little bit of the corn meal.

 After the basket is passed around to everyone in the Hogan, the last person who receives it gets to keep it.

The Dress .

The Brides Dress is usually hand woven and is predominantly the color red because in their culture, red means Marriage and love .

The Navajo wedding vase is a single vessel with two spouts . Each spout is symbolic of two lives becoming one . Once the vase is filled with some sort of liquid, the bride sips from one spout and hands the vase to the groom, who sips from the other spout . This gesture symbolizes the sharing of one life, one love.

 After the ceremony, the families would most likely share some traditional fry bread .

 Ingredients:  4 cups of flour 1 tbs. baking powder 1 teaspoon salt .

 2 tbs. powdered milk 1 ½ cups warm water 1 cup shortening .