Fishbowl Analysis Paper

Fishbowl Group Evaluation Paper
Purpose: The objective of this paper is to help you develop your group
communication skills as well as helping you learn how to analyze group behavior
during "real time".
Requirements: Your analysis of your fishbowl group should
consist of a 7- 10 page typed paper. This will be due 2
weeks after your group discussion is conducted.
Ultimately, you would want to discern:
 what is meant by "effective" group discussion
 the barriers to effectiveness
 guidelines to achieve effectiveness
The very nature of this paper means you will have to rely
more on personal observations and feelings. (This is where your
tape recorders could become helpful.) However, more rigorous techniques could also
be used. You should record suggestions for building your own group communication
skills as well as other group members' skills.
Starting Points: Your analysis boils down to three basic questions.
1. How should effectiveness be defined for you and this particular group?
2. What degree of effectiveness did you and this group display?
3. What communication factors help explain your level of effectiveness as well as the
group's effectiveness?
You will have to provide support for all your assertions that can be gleaned from class
comments, group transcripts, readings, class discussions, your own creative ideas, and
the use of more formal analysis procedures. Moreover, if the group/your participation
is deemed ineffective in some way you should suggest reasonable alternatives.
In-Class Group Projects
Fishbowl Projects
Group A
UWGB professors need useful feedback to continuously improve. How would you
change the course comments form to achieve this objective?
Group B
Many UWGB classes require a group project. Often the seeds of future group
problems are sown when selecting group members. Design a simple to use "selecting
group member protocol" that will enable groups to efficiently get "on the right track".
Group C
Time limit: The Communication Research Center issued a draft of “Mind the Meeting”
for UWGB committee chairpersons and others that conduct meetings on campus. How
would you improve the document?
Group D
UWGB students must effectively balance home, work and school pressures. How can
they get it all done? Develop a brief brochure for freshman about how "to get
everything done".
Group E
Your group has been asked to critique the Communication program website. How
could it be improved?
Group F
Professor Clampitt routinely says that there are seven basic questions that are the core
themes for all his classes. Design a creative communication device for students that
will actually encourage them to use these questions to guide their thinking.
Group G
Many UWGB classes require a group project. Often groups fail to assess their own
group processes during meetings. Design a simple to use protocol that will enable
groups to effectively "self analyze" in order to maximize group achievement.
Group H
The Communications department recently held a strategic planning retreat. One of the
main goals that emerged involved improving the reputation of the department in the
community and on campus. Your group’s task is to develop some “actionable ideas”.
Time limit: 30 minutes
Group I
The faculty in the Communications department believes that they could do a better job
utilizing and maintaining contact with graduates. They view this as a “missed
opportunity”. Your task is to provide some ideas about to better seize this opportunity.
Time limit: 30 minutes