Call for Proposals and Guidelines

Call for Proposals: Research Scholar Program
Generous support from the Office of the Provost continues to make possible this program which
provides a three-credit course release. The Research Scholar will be able to use the time afforded by
the release to advance his or her scholarship.
The program is open to all full-time tenured or tenure-track faculty members at UW-Green Bay. This
spring, one Research Scholar will be selected to receive a three-credit course release during the Spring
2017 semester. The Scholar will be expected to work on a specific research project and generate a
tangible product during the semester of work (e.g., a grant proposal, draft of a manuscript, book
proposal, or preparation of creative works for exhibition/performance/publication). Time may be used
to develop a new project (e.g., a grant proposal), to complete an existing project (e.g., the final chapters
of a book), or to complete a distinct stage of a larger ongoing project.
Applications must include the following:
1. A completed cover page (available at
2. A double-spaced description (5-6 pages in length) of a clearly defined project (written for nonexperts in the field) with the following three sections:
a. a detailed description of the process and final product that would result from the Research
Scholar’s work;
b. an explanation of the relationship of the project to existing scholarship in the field
(include relevant citations as applicable);
c. an indication of how the project would contribute to the faculty member’s professional
development and overall program of research.
3. A timeline (page limit: 1) for completion of the project. Include markers of progress and some
product to be completed within the semester. If appropriate or necessary, include a final product
to be completed by the end of the following semester.
4. A vitae (page limit: 2) limited to relevant research experience.
Proposals will be evaluated based on these criteria:
The degree to which the proposal addresses all requirements of the application
The degree to which the proposal describes a clearly defined, substantive scholarly project
The perceived quality of the proposed project and tangible outcome
The degree to which the proposal places the project within a larger professional context (i.e.,
demonstrates the significance of the project) and incorporates professional literature from the
field (as appropriate)
The extent to which the project would contribute to the individual’s professional
development and is part of a coherent, continuous program of scholarship
The degree to which the timeline for completion appears achievable
Proposals must be received by 4:00 p.m. Monday, March 21, 2016:
 E-mail your completed proposal as a single PDF document to and
 E-mail a PDF of the scanned Cover Page with the Unit Chair’s signature to (or deliver/mail a paper copy of the Cover Page signed by the Unit
Chair to the Office of Grants and Research, CL 825).
Late applications will not be considered under any circumstances.
Please contact a Research Council member with any questions.
2015-2016 Research Council Members
Amy Wolf (
Debra Pearson (
Pao Lor (
Minkyu Lee (
Sawa Senzaki (
Lidia Nonn ( (ex-officio)
Call for Proposals: Research Scholar Program