Email Accounts and Web Pages for Orgs Email accounts

Email Accounts and Web Pages for Orgs
Email accounts
All student organizations have a org email account—it begins with the letters “so”. For
instance, or . This is done so that
individual org leaders do not have to clutter up their personal uwgb email account with
lots of org emails.
Password reset
If your org officers don’t know your org email soaccount username or password, an
officer can email us in student life at or . We’ll
usually be able to get it reset within a few hours. Once we do, we’ll email you back a
new password. Once you log in, you can change the password yourself to whatever
you want it to be. Please make sure you share the new password with others in your
org who need it.
Web Pages
Space will be made available on university servers for orgs to create their own web
pages. There will not be support for helping you to actually design the web pages—you
need to do that for yourselves.
To gain access to web page space, please email your request to student life at or .
Blog Pages
Blog Pages are an alternate (and much easier) way to set up your info on web pages.
Once again, simply email your request for a blog page to us at either or . You will not be using HTML for this, but a
program called WordPress, which again, produces web pages in a much more user
friendly way for you. For more information, see WordPress Instructions: click here.