The Spanish American War

U.S. History
CST 11.4.2
The Spanish American War, 1898
Causes: How did each of the following help to cause the outbreak of the Spanish
American War?
American Business
Urged U.S. intervention to protect American business interest
in Cuba—millions invested in the sugar cane industry
José Martí
Provoked U.S. intervention by deliberately destroying
American-owned sugar mills and plantations
Valeriano Weyler
Took harsh actions against the Cuban people, including
forcibly removing them to camps where thousands died.
Yellow Journalism
Hearst & Pulitzer encouraged the American public to
sympathize with the Cuban rebels and the war.
De Lôme Letter
Angered the American people because of its criticism of
President McKinley
U.S.S. Maine
Led to widespread support for the war based on false
information. Led McKinley to ask Congress to declare war
Effects: What happened to each of the following territories as a result of the Spanish
American War?
Achieved independence from Spain
Puerto Rico
Went from Spanish to American rule.
Went from Spanish to American rule.
Philippine Islands
Sold by Spain to the U.S., then annexed as a territory by the
Now explain: Who was George Dewey and what did he do? Then explain the importance
of the Rough Riders and San Juan Hill.