latin american - Academic Studies Abroad

City Name: Barcelona
Program: Hispanic Studies
Course Name: Latin American Literature
Level: Intermediate and Advanced
This course will consist of the study of Spanish American Literature through its texts and
the socio-cultural framework in which they are written. The priority objective is to
facilitate the student the knowledge and clues of specific readings and in the same
manner make possible the development of different strategies of comprehension and
interpretations linked to the language called «literary».
The course begins with a historical reflexion of the rich and multiple identity of Spanish
America, that brings together the legends that developed the prehispanic civilzations up
to the Spanish chronicals that found a new world. This introduction will be documented
with visual information over Precolumbian art and significative fragments of the literary
and essayist works by consecrated authors of our time such as Miguel Angel Asturias,
Carlos Fuentes, Arturo Uslar Pietri. After this brief historic-artistic panoramic view, the
study will be centerd on the contemporary prose and on the story for its importance in the
development and apogee of the Spanish American narrative. The poetic prose of Juan
Rulfo will be analyzed, historical and social coordiantes in his work of Gabriel Garcia
Marquez. The Neo-Fantastic literature in the stories of Julio Cortazar.