US History Chapter 11 section 2_0

US History Chapter 11 section 2
1. Why did Americans object to Spanish actions in Cuba? (2 points)
2. How did the Rough Riders contribute to the Spanish American War effort? (2 points)
3. How did African Americans contribute to the Spanish American war effort? (2 points)
4. Why did American leaders think it was important to keep the Philippines? ( 4 points)
5. Do you think the US would have gone to war with Spain even if the Maine did not explode? Explain. (4
6. For what is Jose Marti famous? (2 points)
7. For what is William Hearst famous? (2 points)
8. How was the Spanish-American War a turning point in American history? (6 points)
9. What is yellow press? (2 points)
10. For what two reasons were Americans concerned with the growing tensions in Cuba? (4 points)
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