Independent Reading Book Report

Independent Reading Book Report
Due: on or before January 4th , 2012, 11pm
On your individual page, please write a book review of your book as follows:
Header: Book Info
 Include the title of the book and author
 A picture of the book or a picture that represents something in the book
Section 1: Summary (3 paragraphs)
 Include information from the beginning, middle, and end
 This must be in your own words
 Tell what happens at the end
Section 2: Literary Aspects
Fiction (3 paragraphs)
 Describe the main character(s) , the conflicts faced, and how he/she/ they change
throughout the book
 Describe the setting (place, time, connection to the plot, mood, themes)
 Identify the theme and describe how the author develops this
 Describe what you already knew about this topic before you began reading.
 What was the most interesting thing that you learned about this topic? Explain.
 Make connections: text to text, text to self, and text to world
Section 3: Critique (2 paragraphs)
 Positive attributes of the book and explain WHY w/ examples from the text
 Negative attributes of the book and explain WHY w/ examples from the text
Section 4: Recommendation (2 paragraphs)
 Who is the intended audience for this book? Why?
 Who would you recommend this book to and why?
Some Reminders
- Use proper punctuation - vary sentence structure and length
- Book titles are in italics I II or underlined (if printing) - please make sure that is correct.
- Read what you write - then re-read it!!! Proofreading!
- Be sure to include some kind of caption on the pictures - your pictures should be relevant and should enhance what
you say
- Double check that you have followed the directions provided for you above! :)