Essay 1: Rhetorical analysis

Essay 1: Rhetorical analysis
Peer Review Worksheet
Grading criteria:
1. page length (3 full pages – not one sentence less!!)
2. coherence of paragraphs
3. development of thoughts with detail and illustration
4. organization
5. usual surface level features
As the writer reads his/her paper out loud, read along and think about and mark
where appropriate these issues:
the intro – does it clearly state what the paper is about (without
rambling on and on)
the body paragraphs – do they start with topic sentences and does
each sentence in that paragraph support that topic (cross out any
BS or extraneous material); mark where new paragraphs might
begin, if necessary
the conclusion – does it summarize the main points and give a
philosophical or nicely “rounded” off feel to the paper?
did the writer reach page length – if not, what can be done?
When the writer is done reading, think first of several positive but specific things
to say: “I liked the way you did …..”
Then go over the marks you made on the paper, what they mean, what
suggestions you had to deal with the above bulleted items.