Introduction to the Research Task

What is it?
 The research task is a project that
requires you to put your social
studies, reading, and writing skills
together to produce your very best
work of writing on one of four
topics. The essay will be five
paragraphs long.
Why is it important?
 Being able to conduct research
and write about it is one of the
success in HIGH SCHOOL and
How is the essay
Body Paragraph One
Body Paragraph Two
Body Paragraph Three
It’s a formula – simple!
Body Paragraphs
 Political Impact
 Social Impact
 Economic Impact
…of your topic
Think of it as cause and effect. Your event happened, and
there were political, social, and economic effects. You will
find out what those were and explain them to your reader.
 Jamestown
 The Boston Tea Party
 Manifest Destiny
 Women’s Rights
You will learn more about each
topic tomorrow!
The Logistics
 You will spent 6-8 weeks on the research task.
 You will keep everything (hand-outs, research,
writing) in a folder that you need to bring with you
to literature, language, and social studies.
 At the end of the research task, you will be graded
on a rubric. You will get a copy of this rubric at the
end of the week.
 The best part is, YOU pick the topic that you like
Review Questions
How many paragraphs will you
What are the body paragraphs about?
What are the four topics from which
you can choose?
How long will you spend on the
research task?
Review Questions
In which classes will you work on
the research task?
How will your grade on the
research task be determined?
What do you need to bring with
you to every class in which you
will work on the research task?