Garber High School - English 12 Mrs. Bromberg Phone: 460-2393 E-mail: [email protected] or [email protected] Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s) and Student: English 12 is a required one-year academic course that requires regular homework. The course is designed to instill an appreciation of serious, classic literature and an ability to think critically about informational text while developing analytical writing skills as mandated by the Common Core Curriculum. The curriculum consists of the following (adjustments may occur as necessary):


Semester I




Jane Austen,

Pride and Prejudice

George Orwell:


Mc-Graw-Hill Education digital resources on


(Chromebook) Semester II 1.

William Shakespeare’s



Eric Schlosser’s

Fast Food Nation


Weekly vocabulary will be a component of this class. Students will study twenty-two vocabulary items per lesson; the words are based upon most frequently chosen items from ACT and SAT lists. Students are held responsible for definitions, parts of speech, and usage in sentences.


We will study a variety of allusions commonly found in literature.

Voice Lessons

We will familiarize ourselves with the elements of voice – detail, diction, imagery, syntax, and tone – by closely studying excerpts of writing by famous authors on a regular basis.


Writing assignments will vary in length and format. We will participate in writing workshops often, and students will receive credit for being prepared and engaging in active participation. In addition, small writing assignments will be a frequent part of the course. A major research paper will be assigned second semester; since we will spend a great deal of time acquiring information for this project, it will represent a major part of the Semester II grade. Students will complete their out-of-class papers on a computer and upload them to, which is required;

late papers will not be accepted. Absence/Missing Work Policy:


Check my teacher webpage at on the day of your absence to see what you missed (classwork and homework). Any handouts that you missed should be picked up in class from the “Absence/Missing Handouts Folder” (near the class calendar) or downloaded from the handouts folder on my teacher webpage. It is YOUR responsibility to check this folder in addition to checking my weekly plans for the daily agenda. 2.



You have one class period for each class period you were absent to make up assignments/tests for full credit.

If a test/quiz is scheduled for the day you return to class, you will be expected to take it on that day unless you have communicated with me ahead of time

. If a

daily assignment

is not turned in on the specified due date, and you choose to turn it in


, the grade for that particular assignment will automatically be

lowered by 50%. IMPORTANT: Materials not made up within one class of the assignment in question will cause the grade for the assignment to become a zero.

Small extra-credit assignments will be available throughout the semester to total not more than 2% of your overall grade.


Supplies Needed:

o Three-Ring Binder  Suggested Tabs – (Voice, Vocab,



Pride and Prejudice, Macbeth, Fast Food Nation

, Research)  This will prove beneficial when preparing for tests and/or final exams o o Loose-Leaf Paper Pens and Pencils

Homework Announcements:

All daily assignments will be announced orally as well as written on the board and posted on my teacher webpage.



Be in your assigned seat working on the warm-up when the bell rings. 2.

Use the time you have between classes to use the restroom. You may bring


with you to drink in class. 3.



If you do not understand an assignment, e-mail me and I will be glad to help you. Assume all writing assignments


be typed unless otherwise instructed;

handwritten work will not receive credit unless it is an assignment completed in class.

Behavior should not be a problem if everyone treats everyone else



respectfully. Grading:

I follow the standard grading scale found in the student handbook and use a total points grading system. Course work will fall into the following categories:  In-class writings, discussion, activities  Vocabulary   Out-of-class writings and other formal assignments Tests and projects  heavily in your favor . Participation in class discussion will positively affect your grade. Be prepared for class and get engaged! It will count  Students can expect homework school breaks.

almost every night

as well as

on weekends

. I do not give homework on major Please consult postings on Skyward™ to check grade status. The semester grade is the average of the two marking periods and the final exam grade (40/40/20). I am available for independent conferences if necessary. I arrive at school at 7:30 and usually stay until after 4:00. I also utilize my e-mail and respond quickly. If you need help or need to make up work, you are encouraged to see me during the times listed above or during one of my seminar classes. Please ask for help if you need it. Please sign this syllabus below and return the signed portion to me next class. Sincerely, Dawn M. Bromberg Parent/Guardian signature:________________________________________________ Date:________________ Student signature:_______________________________________________________ Date: _______________