Accelerated Physics: Fall 2013
Welcome to Accelerated Physics! It is going to be a fun and busy semester!
In this course, we will explore many aspects of physics through labs,
investigations, problem solving, and discussions. As we work through the
course, remember that you are in charge of your success in the class and
“Physics is Phun!”
Course Resources
class website: – Access Code: 567D8-ZNFFH
log on as a student, please use a username I can identify as you!
e-mail: [email protected] (OR [email protected])
phone: 515-205-3460 (before 9:00 pm, please!)
Book and supplies
We will be using the Holt Physics. You will have a book to take home – and one for use in class.
Please leave your book at home throughout the semester!!
I also expect each student to keep an organized notebook for notes & homework.
Students will need pencils with which to do homework.
Students should have access to a calculator for use at home, at least.
Homework & Notes Expectations:
Daily problems will be checked in every class period –
o Graded based on completion – at the least a written attempt – givens, equations, etc.
o Complete homework will be stamped/marked
 Numerical answers will be provided –
o Students may check their work and have the opportunity to re-do problems that they have missed
o If a problem is a challenge at first – students should leave space on their paper to complete the problem
once they understand the process
 All homework from each unit will be turned in on test day –
o Homework grades will then be recorded based on both completion – every problem must be done –
and accuracy – the solutions must be correct.
In-class notes:
All students are expected to take notes in class and retain the notes for the remainder of the semester
o Of particular importance are demonstrations and example problems
o In-class notes may be collected at any time to verify completion
Reading assignments should be completed before the material is covered in class
Reading notes are recommended but not required. It may be helpful for students to add a column to their in
class notes to add additional information from your textbook
Reading content quizzes may be frequent – so be sure to keep up with the reading & assignments!
Grading Criteria:
While there are many elements that will go into determining your grade for the course, I would like you to recognize
that the most important element of your success in this course is a true and consistent effort in all areas of the class.
Here is a rough breakdown of the areas from which your grade will be derived, and what you are expected to complete
as part of this class:
Homework, Notes & Reading Assignments – expectations described above
Lab Write-ups– experiments will be completed during class, with each student expected to take data. Analysis and
conclusions will be generated individually. Details of writeup expectations will be provided with each lab. Generally, lab
write-ups are due two class meetings after the lab is completed in class.
Tests – will be given each unit (approximately 2 chapters) to assess student learning. Tests will contain multiple choice
and free-response (short-answer/problem) sections.
Grades will be calculated based on student work in all of the areas described above.
The grading scale used for this course is:
100% - 85%
84.9% - 75%
74.9% - 65%
64.9% – 55%
54.9% - below
Central Academy Science Department Policies
Late Work Policy
o Any assignments (homework, labs, problem sets, etc. – not tests) not turned in on due date may be
turned in anytime during the semester until one week before finals (January 3, 2014) to earn a
maximum of 50% credit.
o In the case of a student ‘abusing’ the policy, defined as having five missing assignments, the teacher will
send an e-mail to student’s parent/guardian to make them aware of the observed pattern.
Test Make-up Policy
o Students missing a test with an excused absence have a maximum of 10 school days to arrange for
making up the assessment – any difference between the district policy for excused absences and this
policy is left to the teacher’s judgment.
o After 10 days – students may be required to take an alternate version of the exam
o Students have an absolute maximum of 20 school days to make up the exam – if the assessment is not
completed in this timeframe – the student earns a zero.
*a note about academic honesty –Group work and collaborative efforts are an important, if not essential element in learning. While this
is true, please remember that there is a time and place for group work, and that everyone MUST hand in their original work. You may
NOT work with others in the class, in the community or otherwise on quizzes or tests. It is not fair to other students, or the community,
but most importantly it is not fair to you. If you cheat on any assignment or test you will receive an automatic zero, and other actions may
result in accordance with school’s policy on academic dishonesty. So, don’t do it. – thanks!
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