A Language Lesson Plan

A Language Lesson Plan
LCD720 – Spring 2009 (De Jong)
Write a 6-8 page paper describing a language lesson plan that involves pronunciation
instruction. Include the lesson plan itself as an appendix (1-2 pages, in addition to the 6-8
pages of the paper).
The lesson plan must contain the following information:
1. Learners
2. Objective/Rationale
3. Materials
4. Procedure/Activities
5. Assessment
6. Follow-Up
The paper should address the following matters:
1. What is the particular pronunciation problem that the lesson plan addresses? What is
the source of this problem (e.g., articulation difficulty, L1 transfer, perceptually nonsalient property of sound system of L2)? Your description should be as explicit as
possible: describe the articulatory and/or acoustic properties of the sounds involved
and/or discuss the phonological rules that underlie the phenomenon.
2. How can a teacher identify the need for implementing the lesson plan based on the
students’ pronunciation difficulties? (That is, what do the students do that tells the
teacher this lesson is necessary?)
3. How does the lesson plan address the pronunciation problem? Link the procedures
and materials used.
4. How is your lesson plan supported by theories of pronunciation and language
learning? What does the lesson plan assume with regard to the development of
phonetic ability and phonological competence in the learners’ L2?
5. What are some of the possible drawbacks for the lesson plan? What types of learners
might it not work well with? Is it difficult to develop supporting materials for it? Does
it rely on a technology that isn't readily available or that isn't user-friendly?
6. How would such a lesson plan fit into the general curriculum for the learners
Any supporting materials (worksheets, audio and other multimedia, etc.) should be included
as appendices. Please remember: you will be in copyright violation if you include multimedia
materials that you have not made yourself. There are ways around this problem, particularly
if such multimedia materials are available online—just provide the link.
The paper must be ordered as follows:
1. Title, your name, semester (this need not be on a separate page, and if it is, it will
not count toward the page limit)
2. Body (6-8 pages)
3. References
4. Appendices (where Appendix 1 is the one/two-page lesson plan)
are many topics you can choose, for example:
the /r, l/ phonemes
dental fricatives
stress and intonation
reduced forms
The paper will be graded as follows.
 Lesson: 30 points. Did the lesson make sense? Was it an adequate activity for the
learner type, age group, setting, languages, etc.?
 Content: 50 points. Did you support your lesson with appropriate theory and existing
research? Did you identify a genuine problem? Was the solution grounded on facts?
 Form: 20 points. Did the paper have coherence as a piece of writing? Were grammar
and punctuation conventions followed? Was the language academic in style? Was the
citation format consistent?
Formatting: 1-inch margins all around (left and right also); double-spaced; times new
roman 12 pts or similarly sized font. Use either APA or MLA reference style.
The paper is due on May 13, and must be submitted electronically (instructions will follow).