LING 410/510 Phonetics for Teaching

LING 410/510 Phonetics for Teaching
Instructor: Janet Cowal; EH 231; 725-9193; [email protected]
This is a practical, hands-on course in which students gain an understanding of phonetics
and phonology as they apply to language education. Students work on real-life problems
in order to gain confidence and skills that will enable them to: (1) analyze 2nd language
learners’ difficulties with sound systems, and (2) suggest ways to improve perception and
production. Students are encouraged to be creative as they use, evaluate, modify,
develop and sequence materials, techniques, and activities for teaching pronunciation.
This course counts for “Group I – Language Education / Applied Linguistic Theory”
 Avery, P. & Ehrlich, S. (1992) Teaching American English Pronunciation. New
York: Oxford University Press.
 Celce-Murcia, M.; Brinton, D.; & Goodwin, J.1996). Teaching Pronunciation: A
Reference for Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages. New York:
Cambridge University Press.
 Yavas, M. (2006). Applied English Phonology. Malden, MA: Blackwell Publishing
LING 390
Methods I (recommended)
Course Requirements
Undergraduate final grades are based on:
10% Class participation
10% Homework Assignments
15% Quizzes
Graduate final grades are based on:
10% Class participation
Homework Assignments
10% Quizzes
30% Tutoring Log
Tutoring Log
Pronunciation Project
Materials Review (text, website, other)
25% Pronunciation Project
10% Materials Review (text, website, other)
10% Presentation of a pronunciation technique
or activity