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Professor Emeritus Dr. Lada Šestić, from University of Sarajevo kindly accepted an invitation to share her enormous experience in phonology of English language with the students of International Burch University. Professor Šestić is a person with a rock solid academic background as winner of Fulbright scholarship on Berkley University,

USA and specialization provided by University of London , UK, with numerous pulications up today.

Professor Šestić underlined the importance of pronunciation as a part of learning process of English language, which directly affects on the result of communication process, explaining the two different pronunciation types:

1. Received British Pronunciation

2. Standard American Pronunciation

Mrs. Šestić said that students should decide which style they want to use in communication but never mix them. Also, students should be careful when they use different kinds of dictionaries because, due to the two mentioned pronunciation types, notation symbols are also different. As a standard, International Phonetic Alphabet should be used.

Students were presented a detailed information of phonemic symbols, stress marks and notation symbols, spiced with a practical examples from an every day life, where the incorrect pronunciation can cause a misunderstanding.

The end of the class was reserved, naturally, for Appreciation Letter as an expression of gratefulness for a wonderful lecture, handed over by the Head of English Department of International Burch University.