Nora Binghadeer, Princess Noura University, Riyadh
Language Research and Practice: Pronunciation Integration into Instruction
This research was conducted to investigate present practice in a university English language
program. It explored the need for integrating pronunciation into language instruction regarding
students’ speech comprehensibility. Data was collected from 100 students representing two
different groups in the same program. They had covered all language skills and were about to start
their specialized courses in Linguistics and Translation. At the end of their last speaking course,
students were asked to interpret a passage from their first language into English using simple
vocabulary and structures. Their oral production was recorded and analyzed to detect progress in
their speaking skill. Occurrences of mispronounced words that interfered with comprehensibility
were observed for the majority of both groups. On the other hand, a questionnaire using a threepoint scale was administered to determine students' satisfaction and preferences in relation to
pronunciation significance, need, and effect. The findings showed that almost all participants noted
the importance of pronunciation. Moreover, one of the outcomes of this research was the
introduction of a pronunciation course into the new curricula.
Keywords: language programs, pronunciation, language research