Clothing Construction COURSE SYLLABUS

This course introduces students to the world of fashion and basic
construction techniques. Students will be introduced to the elements and
principles of design, textiles, figure analysis, consumerism and care of clothing.
Students will select appropriate patterns, and construct garments based on their
abilities. Students will learn about careers in the fashion industry.
- Students will demonstrate knowledge of the principles and elements of
- Students will identify various fibers, fabric constructions, finishes, garment
styles, and construction techniques.
- Students will become familiar with different body types and how to create
desired figure illusions with fashion.
- Students will practice consumerism and basic care for clothing.
- Students will understand the historical development of the fashion
- Students will be able to utilize and demonstrate basic sewing equipment
and assess safety techniques.
- Students will develop and demonstrate proper basic construction
- Students will investigate career choices related to fashion and
MATERIALS: 3-ring binder, notebook, pencils or pens (blue or black ink only),
fabric and matching notions will be purchased at a later date for two projects
Optional materials: seam ripper, pincushion, tape measure, tracing wheel, tracing
paper, straight pins, seam gauge, shears (must be for fabric), two hole and fours
holes buttons, needles in assorted sizes, a spool of thread
You can keep these materials in the room in an assigned cubby.
GRADING SCALE: In accordance with the LHWHS student handbook.
Show respect for yourself, others, and property.
Always follow safety guidelines.
Talk only when appropriate.
Be tolerant and listen to others ideas.
Be prepared.
-First consequence for breaking rules and procedures is a warning.
-Second consequence- sit out and lose participation points.
-Third consequence- office referral.
The teacher may call the parent/guardian at any time.
Classroom Procedures
1. Be in your seat and ready to work when the bell rings. After three tardies the
student will receive a detention for before or after school, so be on time.
2. Bring notebook paper and a writing utensil to class everyday. All of the work
that you do or handouts that you receive will be placed in your portfolio, which will
be checked occasionally.
3. Make-up policy is in accordance with the LHWHS student handbook.
4. Each working day is worth 10 participation points. If you are not prepared and
in class with appropriate materials you will not be working, and will not get
participation points. On Fridays, you will receive a participation grade for the week.
5. If it is necessary to miss a test or turn in an assignment late, arrangements
must be made BEFOREHAND. If you were present the day a test was
announced, you need to take the test even is you missed the day of the review.
6. Clean up after yourself. You will lose 5 participation points if you do not clean.
7. Do not touch any machines unless told to.
8. If you were absent it is the student’s responsibility to find out what assignments
he or she missed.
9. There will be no tolerance for cheating and plagiarism. Students will receive a
zero for these activities.
10. Homework shall be turned into the homework bin according to the
corresponding hour.
11. Students will work in appropriate areas as per course requires.
12. Project grades will be penalized 10% per day late.