Extension tasks

The WEFT goes LEFT but what is the WEFT??
Find out using ICT. What difference does that have on what
you’re doing in Textiles?
This is a duct tape
wallet, find out
what one is and
why don’t you
have a go at
making one!
Patchwork Quilt… But why did
people used to patch work? And
make their own quilts?
Where did it come from? What
How has it changed to present
These are three of the characters from the Corsa advert, use
another brand and design your own soft toy that could be
used to represent it!
This is an icon Pop art
Find examples of Fashion
that was around at the same
time as this picture… (Clue
this is Marilyn Monroe)
What makes fashion interesting for teenagers?
Try to figure it out and put together a power point or article
that helps explain this to adults.
Can you create your own
portrait like this? If you
were going to create it in
fabric, how would you do
that? Have a go using scrap
Design a
label for
the product
you are
making in
Before chemicals were used,
all dying was done with
natural ingredients. Find out
what was used and what
colours they created?
Find out about Fairtrade Cotton, use the website
and complete the interactive activities on there!
A new country has been
discovered and needs a flag
designing. Have a go! You can
decide on the name and
location of the country!
Who is your favourite TV or Book
character? Design a costume or
item of clothing for them…
Have a go at paper weaving this Twill
Cut strips of paper and weave them together!