Fashion`s repetition - talking

Presented by : Mohamed Magd Hafez
Presented to : Dr. Basma El Shimy
Fashion is really controlling people’s
minds, and it has a great interference in
our life, that it started to come over
their styles.
 Fashion’s repetition consists of two
types one is made by the fashion
designers and the other is by the
First Type :
World Fashion designers are returning back
to their archives, proving that the history of
fashion started in repeating itself.
 Media is one of the main reasons that made
the people wear the old school of fashion.
Second Type :
There is a second type of the fashion
repeating itself as the people are
becoming copies of each others and
everybody left his unique style.
 Teens are obsessed with fashion and
they have become stereotypes.
Conclusion :
Finally, the repetition of fashion is
destroying it and it is getting on the
people’s styles, yet some of the people
think that it is a kind of creativity and
that they are developing on the past..
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