Chapter 1

Chapter 1
Introducing fashion
Fashion defined
Existing type of clothing preferred by a
large segment of the public at a given time
Current trend
Precise style of dress or behavior that may
be acceptable in one year but not another
Social interaction and status
What’s currently selling
Represents sales
Meaning of style
Particular shape or type of apparel
Has distinct features
It becomes fashion when it’s popular
Factors that influence: social,
technological, regulatory, competitive,
4 elements of design
Color-most important
Line-directs the path of eye movementseams & darts create lines
Shape-overall form or outline of garment—
often key feature of designers
Texture-how the surface of a material or
fabric feels and looks
Function-intended use or purpose of an
Purpose of clothing
Clothing identifies the culture
The position or occupation
Identifies peer group
Code of decency
Satisfies the 3 needs in next slide
Needs satisfied by clothing
Physical - Protection and safety
Psychological – adornment, cultural
identity, personal identity
Social needs – Affiliation/fitting in and
Materials used to make clothing as
early as 20,000 bc
Sewing needles made of ivory and
Fur, animal skin, leaves, and grass
Sources of clothing history
Few samples before 18th century
Limited paintings before 14th century
Fashion publications – 17th century
Photographs – 1850’s
Other sources: letters, diaries, novels
Before 18th century – wealthy class
determined fashion
History continued
Influence of upper class diminished with
American Revolutionary War and French
The middle class and working class started
to influence
Industrial revolution – 1800’s –mass
Invention of photography
Vogue magazine – 1892 allowed many to
People who influenced fashion
Elizabeth I – 1553 to 1603
Louis XIV
Marie Antoinette
George Bryan Brummel
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
The Beatles
Factors that affect fashion
Women entering the work force
Chanel, Christian Dior
Movie stars
Chemical companies-new materials
WW II – simple styles and rationing
1940’s less fabric – so the mini skirt
Assignment: Describe one of the
following eras:
Victorian Era of 1800’s
Early 1900’s
1930’s to 1950’s
Describe the era, influential people-include
pictures of fashion and people
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