Teacher notes

Teachers’ Notes
Look at initial images. What do class notice? Which fashion is
most/least relevant to modern society?
Read through letter. On paper, class can underline main points
of complaint. Teacher to elicit these. Can be written on
Open up debate on fashion. Have any pupils had experience of
this attitude? Can anyone sympathise with Mr Sharp? What
aspects of his argument do you agree with? Try to establish
some rationale for his argument.
Images 1: Answer – Picture 4 (Rockabilly) other three
images connected to teddy boys. Class might stray towards
Kind Edward…elicit as many responses as possible…interesting
to see how connection with royalty influence a youth culture’s
Activity 1
Images 2: Answer – Picture 2 (Victoria Beckham) for other
three white skin is desirable and a sign of beauty. Different
responses are likely here – looking at different cultures and
ages. Worth mentioning how tans only became desirable from
late 1920s onwards – booming in 50s and 60s. Will health risks
affect desirability in future? Importance of social and health
factors e.g. cheaper foreign holidays.
Images 3: Answer – Picture 4 (Girl holding present) for other
three tattooing is an essential part of life – for the girl it is
actual illegal. This task may be easier for class although there
may be some confusion as to why the horse is there. Pedigree
racing horses are tattooed. Worth looking at cultures such as
Maoris where tattooing is culturally significant. Also bring in
legal issues. What age can someone have a tattoo? (18 in UK,
21 in some states in USA, 16 in New Zealand) Reasons for
restricting minors. How do class feel about this? In Holland it is
legal at 16 with parent’s permission. What role should parental
permission have?
Encourage class to look at images BEFORE playing. What
reasons do you think they will give for presenting themselves as
they do? This could be done as a stereotyping ‘game’. Name,
favourite band, film etc..Play animations.
Activity 2
After animations, ask class to discuss and note down all the
factors that influence their fashion choices. This will lead
sensibly into Activity 3.
Teachers’ Notes
Activity 3
Class should have their own cut-out cards if they don’t have a
PC – or at least key words to organize. Put words into diamond
rank order. Work individually first – then can work as a pair or
even into larger group to discuss and decide a common ranking
(although this could defeat purpose of fashion being an
individual choice). Could look at gender difference here. Look
at how girls’ factors might vary from boys. Cultural background
may also affect factors. Might be worth looking at factors which
are least important, and why. Would this ranking be shared by
your parents, teachers etc…
Activity 4
After last activity class will have discussed some social
pressures on their fashion choices. Teacher will have to model
the axis graph with a couple of labels (dyed hair and hoodie
should be interesting for teachers to do!) as the graph might be
confusing for pupils initially. Again this is best tackled
individually working towards comparing and contrasting in pair
or larger group afterwards. Encourage one boy and one girl to
show their ideas on board.
Both tasks can lead to two or three weeks work where they can
work as marketing teams competing against other groups. This
can lead to a presentation plenary where teacher/outside
agency (bring in some older pupils in role of band) can judge the
best marketing idea. Marketing can include: band name, logo,
fashion mock-ups, promo-poster for gig and new single, CD
cover…even web-site fanzine.
Might give opportunity for a school band to be used for stimulus
rather than the music given.