Griffin Analytical Technologies

Griffin Analytical Technologies, Inc.
“Delivering Universal Chemical Detection to the Marketplace”
Business Summary: Griffin Analytical Technologies (GAT) is
committed to providing the scientific community with affordable,
portable and functional chemical analysis instrumentation. To this end,
GAT is licensing proprietary Purdue technology to deliver a
miniaturized mass spectrometer (MMS) to the analytical
instrumentation markets.
Mass spectrometry (MS) provides
identification and quantification of chemical targets for the
pharmaceutical, biotechnological, automotive, chemical, environmental,
consumer product, petroleum and research industries. GAT will deliver
a MMS at a competitive cost and expand the applications of mass
Technology Summary: The mass spectrometer is the most
definitive chemical identification and quantification instrument in the
world. Scientists use mass spectrometry to identify the materials of
interest. People can be identified by their fingerprints, similarly
molecules can be identified by their fragmentation pattern. Mass
spectrometers measure the mass of a molecule and produce a
fragmentation pattern or molecular fingerprint. This information gives
both the identity and concentration of the molecule. There are several
different types of mass spectrometers, which vary in detectable mass
range, sensitivity, and accuracy. Current pricing of mass spectrometers
ranges from $80,000 to ~$2,000,000 for the most sensitive instruments.
Product: Typical mass spectrometers range in overall footprint,
some can occupy entire bench-tops while others can fill large portions
of an entire room. The innovation realized by the GAT founders will
allow GAT to fabricate a portable MMS instrument the size of a
shoebox while utilizing a majority of components that are readily
available in the marketplace. This portability will allow researchers the
freedom to make chemical measurements in the field away from the
laboratory. Another feature of the technology is that sample injection
ports may be aligned in matrix geometry to allow for multiplexed
sample analysis. This is a critical feature that has the potential to meet
the demands of high-throughput drug screening instrumentation.
Dennis Barket, Jr., - Founder (765) 426-9783
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Industry: Analytical Instrumentation
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Markets: The MMS will provide a tool to the research community that spans horizontally across markets. GAT has
divided its target markets into 5 segments: biotech/pharma research, industrial process monitoring, environmental testing,
academia and government research, explosives/chemical warfare agent detection. In addition to the $1.2B MS market,
GAT believes that its technology will create new markets where previously price, capability, and/or size prohibited
consumers the luxury of using mass spectrometry as a chemical analysis tool.
Barriers to Entry: Competitive barriers are erected in the form of intellectual property rights, in-depth experience
within the field of mass spectrometry, and a strong scientific advisory board. Other organizations are attempting to
satisfy the market for miniaturized mass spectrometers, however they are limited by technology that does not meet the
market need. The science behind GAT’s technology is superior to those existing in the marketplace today and GAT will
furnish testimony to that fact.
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