What is an IB World Student Conference?

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What is an IB World Student Conference?
World Student Conferences are designed to:
• inspire responsible action for making a better and more peaceful
• develop student leadership skills and professional understanding
• create high-value relationships with IB peers
• experience academic life on a university campus
By the end of conference week, students will:
• engage with experts on the specific theme
• collaborate to develop a project that addresses a global challenge
relevant to the theme
• explore the university and local area on excursions
• connect to IB peers from around the world
IB Students
Who can attend?
Students who are:
• Rising year 1 or 2 in the IB Diploma Programme
• Rising year 1 or 2 in the IB Career-related Programme
What are the benefits?
• exposure to a variety of viewpoints and the
opportunity to form new friendships
• develop collaborative projects and contribute towards
CAS portfolio
• explore a new city while engaging with a topic of
global significance
• experience a university setting with world-class
scholars, speakers and guests
• enhance critical thinking skills, develop leadership and
international understanding
Adult volunteers
Who can apply?
• IB teachers
• IB coordinators
• Heads of schools
• Parents or grandparents
How to get involved?
• Chaperon
• Global Action Team
Leader (GAT)
• Observer
What are the benefits?
“What these conferences have
to offer cannot be bought with
money, nor can be brought to
the students in any other way.”
IB Educator, Chaperon, 2013-14
“This milieu is enriching and challenging for both
staff and students, and it stretches us to be
authentically engaged in critical global
citizenship.” IB Educator, GAT Leader, 2012-14
“These conferences make an
impact on young lives and I
want to be part of that.”
IB Educator, GAT Leader, 2013-14
Past Conferences (2012-14)
Past conference sites include:
• IE University (2012)
• University of British Columbia (2012, 2013)
• Wake Forest University (2013)
• University of Hong Kong (2013)
• University of Bath (2014)
• University of Queensland (2014)
• McGill University (2014)
2015 IBWSCs: Registration is now open!
La Salle Campus Barcelona
Ramon Llull University,
Barcelona, Spain
University of Rochester
Rochester, New York
5-11 July, 2015
2-8 August, 2015
Email: ibwsclasalle2015@salleurl.edu
Email: ibwsc2015@ur.rochester.edu
Website: www.ibo.org/wsc/
General questions: ibwsc@ibo.org
Twitter: @ibwsc2015