Distribution The distribution business forms the foundation of the BG

The distribution business forms the foundation of the BG Company and one that traces over 60 years
history. Bugshan Company services the distribution needs of some of the most reputed names in the
Consumer Product Category. BG works and service Global Market and Brand Leaders like DelMonte
et ULKER in Morocco.
Our intention is to drive business growth and forge bonds and strong relationships in the distribution
chain. Our proven records lies in many industries.
Map Of the region
GAT provides complete and comprehensive Distribution Solutions, supported by a solid
infrastructure that is a pre requisite for effective Market coverage in the Consumer Product
Category, within Morocco today. We started in the food and equipment categories but soon will
develop a service offer for the home care and cosmetics.
GAT has a wide network of clients. Our warehouse today is located in LISSASFA, Casablanca.
We are moving fast into our expansion. Please download our datasheet or get in touch with us for
more information.
Sales and Marketing
We believe our first responsibility is toward our customers who use our products. We intend to meet
their needs and do it with high standards.
Customer’s Orders must be serviced and supplied promptly and accurately to continue the group's
reputation to drive positively the market standards and practices.
Our sales strategy is based on our brands with a strong ‘brand equity’. They in general have all it
takes. They need the last piece which is to be at the right place and at the right time to be purchased.
Promoting and branding strategies have to be optimum in order to meet our strong international
and local brands needs. Local culture understanding is key.
The market is becoming more and more competitive and it's our responsibility to stay alert and
meantime aggressive to protect our partner's interest. We may need to develop "local production"
of certain fast moving SKU's to ensure our goals are met. With the market downturn behavior, it's
constantly needed to strive and reduce our costs in order to maintain reasonable and affordable
prices of our products and that the business stays attractive with profit justification.
Our different research and group experience have shown that buying & selling packaged consumer
goods starts by anticipating the consumer's needs.
This leads us to ensure maximum distribution coverage & top merchandising in the different
channels leveraging strong alliances with the different members of the distribution chain. In our
market, we had to develop strength in the « traditional » trade through mass merchandised products
that have the critical mass demand. Innovation with new ideas must be carried on and exploring new
ventures is irreversible.
Renewal & Business Consolidation
Marketing is Everything
Without a good team of analyst in our MArketing department, we wouldnt be where we are today.
Our strategy is to sustain our growth and base on market understanding and be alert on customer
needs. Our clients trust us and this motivates us to beter serve their needs and build strong brands.
We try our best to innovate and constantly adapt to the changing consumer habits and lifestyle. Our
Goal is at the end to serve communities.
GAT dedicated and full -fledged Commercial & Marketing team, led by experienced business heads,
service and administer the key Trade Marketing tasks in areas of Procurement, Transfer, Inventory
Control and Forecast & Replenishment of stocks. The team also provides valuable inputs, on Pricing
Recommendations, Marketing & Promotion Plans and assists Principals in efficient Implementation
of Promotion and Marketing Support Activities.
this department is key to create specific products for specific needs and insure market intelligence
feedback . GAT today's portfolio is over 300 SKU and spread over more than 40 categories of more
than 15 leading brands.
Sales and Channels.
At the end of the day, Sales is a channel and growth means profitable sales channels. This
concretely means that our organization covers the main key circuits and each one with a range.
Our Sales force which is over 20, sells a large range of Products across all Trade Channels from large
wholesale customers and key supermarket accounts to the small corner shop.
The sales force is suppported by a solid Commercial, Marketing and logistics Teams making GAT one
of the latest born company in the market, Yet one of the highly efficient.
Traditional Trade
Covers Retail. Our goal is to go and invest most point of interest.
Covers Self Service & Small Grocery stores.
Covers the Wholesale & Semi - wholesale segment.
Covers Special Accounts: Drogueries, CHR, ect...
Modern Trade
GAT Company has a specialized and dedicated Modern Trade unit which
covers and manages major key Regional outlets. We work closely with Our
Modern partners like Carrefour and Asswak Assalam to build sustainable
business plans. Our Key officers provides best of class support for their brands
and that's why our suppliers work closely with us.
Distribution Center
GAT Logistics & Supply Chain Structure is one of the key competitive advantages that the company
focuses on with a view to derive speed and efficiency. The complex and the sheer dynamics of the
growing North Africa Market, demand intelligent and speedy logistics capabilities.
GAT has a fleet of 30 vehicles throughout its supply chain ranging from 40 feet long haul container
vehicles to small delivery vans distributing a wide array of Ambient, Chilled & Frozen products.
The logistics supply chain works within this large market to deliver products to large modern trade
warehouses as well as small grocery stores, which are located in the narrow alleys of Morocco.
GAT continues adherence to quality and speed, marks the corner stone of the Company’s logistics
operation – backed with a commitment to maintain high levels of performance benchmarks. The
Company’s continued investment in its Logistic facilities, are a key feature that support and reinforce
its distribution capability.
First today, means technology
We cannot have a successful operation and not provide the technology that support the vision and
the business. We are aware that we need the software that support an infrastructure to achieve
effective market coverage and daily business control within the market. Bugshan group has invested
and continues to do so heavily in advanced state of the art systems and Information Technology to
create a difference, and add value to the Company’s Principals and customers to stay ahead of
competition and the industry.
Sales Mobility Integration is key to optimize supply chain activities and to provide unmatched
efficiencies in order processing and distribution. In this business, tracking KPI’s is important to
measure to measure and evaluate the success of the business and activities and specially Numeric
Distribution. Digital mapping of distribution is very strategic to increase productivity. We are
committed to implement the best of class Warehousing, Transportation, and Yard Management
Solutions for all our warehouses across the country the same way we did with our sister’s company.
Information is Key to support sales and logistics !
Indeed, IT is clearly the solid back bone of GAT Operations. The Company provides full access to vital
information to all its branches/ sales offices, and all its Sales and Commercial staff, ensuring quick
and speedy response to market challenges.
Technology Oriented Company
Sales force Automated management requirements
. Traceability and real-time monitoring of the distribution and sales process
. Available Database of strategic information for the development and improvement of business and
marketing information system.
. Improve productivity and quality of service vis-à-vis the customers
GEOCODING and Fleet Management vehicles
. Geolocation: Real-time location of vehicles, analysis of activity of vehicles and people, measurement
sensors (temperature, consumption, opening doors, etc.)
. Security: Alerts, flight, Start, Aggression, GeoFencing, Remote actions immobilization of the vehicle:
Real-time analysis of vehicle
. Driver behavior: Behavior behind the wheel, Cost reduction (usage, fuel, maintenance), Accident
Prevention and 20sec drivers behavior records.
Partnerships and Export
We know that our success is only mutual with our partners. Our vision is to start developing
collaboration with local production companies. We aim to create new brands as we know customers
always seek innovation and have new needs. But also, create value and form a solid relationship
between countries where we know our products will do well.
Our export department is ready to answer and assist Brands into their own export strategy.
GAT is developing its own brand portfolio under 'TILILA' brand. We want to work with the best
sources from all around the world, and offer to our clients the best offers. our range comprises Jam's,
Tomato paste and Puree and also olives. Many more to come as we grow.
THE FUTURE / What's Next