6th grade Syllabus - Geary County Schools USD 475

Team 3 Math- Ms. Green
Materials Needed EVERY DAY in math class:
AVID School Binder containing these items:
o Math notebook (1 subject notebook)
o Math textbook (Example: Prime Time book)
o TWO pencils
Classroom Procedures:
When class begins: PRESS (PRepared, Enter, Sit, Start)
There are three parts to completing PRESS (IN THIS ORDER):
1) Prepare any homework assignments to be turned in or checked by the teacher
2) Students should record their daily homework assignment in their planners.
3) Label your Cornell notes and write your Essential Question.
**Pencils must be sharpened during this time, as well**
Homework and Homework Quizzes
A homework assignment will be assigned regularly. Once class begins and the teacher has checked for
homework completion, students may ask questions before the daily Homework Quiz is given. Students
will be responsible for answering 1-2 questions on the Homework Quiz that relate to the previous
assignment. Students may use their notes and homework to assist them with the quiz.
Taking detailed notes during class will pay off!!
Homework and Homework Quiz Grading Policy
Each question will be worth 5 points. The questions will be graded using the following criteria:
5 points
Correct answer is given and work
is provided to show the student’s
thinking process
3 points
0 points
Correct answer is given but no
work is provided to show the
thinking process
Incorrect answer is given and no
work is provided to show the
thinking process
Incorrect answer is given but
provided work to show the
thinking process
No answer is provided (left blank,
??, or IDK)
Absent from Class
The students are responsible for finding out what they missed during class and for making up all work,
including Homework Quizzes. They are encouraged to talk with group members to catch up on class
notes and work. Students can find the homework assignment they missed on “Assignments” bulletin
board calendar. You will need to ask Ms. Green for Cornell notes and labsheets to glue in your
spiral notebook.
Grading Policy
Homework Quizzes
Class Work- at the teacher’s discretion
Math Notebook Checks
Unit Quizzes
Unit Tests
Unit Projects
30% of Grade
70% of Grade
Please refer to school wide grading policy in the student planner for grading scale and late work policies.
Grades will be stapled in the planner on Friday’s of each week by the CAT time teacher. Grades will also
be posted in the math classroom for students to see (by ID number) on Mondays.
Routine Spiral Notebook Checks
Student Math notebooks will be checked for organization at the teacher’s discretion. This will be part
of your homework grade.
Missing Assignments
Students will have up until the unit test to turn in any missing assignments for that unit. After that
time, any assignments that are still missing will be recorded as zeros. Parents can check their students
planner every Monday evening to see grades and all missing assignments.
Restroom Breaks
Students should use the restroom during their passing period. However, they will be allowed to use the
restroom during class at the teacher’s discretion. Students need to wait until we are doing group or
individual work to ask to go to the restroom. They need to be sure to have their planner open to the
current date and raise their hand. After the teacher has signed a hall pass in the agenda, the student
may leave. ,
If you are suddenly ill
Get up and GO! It is best to get as far away as possible from the teacher and other students. If you do
not think you can make it to the restroom, locate the nearest trash can.
Additional Help
Students are encouraged to come in before or after school to get help. They need to make sure to get a
pass from me the day before in order to be allowed into the pod before school starts. It would be best
to come in before school or to schedule an appointment.
Teacher Contact Information
[email protected]
Please fill in the information below if you have read Ms. Green’s classroom procedures and
expectations. Return the bottom portion to class for your first assignment grade. The information
will be returned for your future reference.
Students Full Name:____________________________________ Date:________________
Parent/Guardian Signature:_____________________________________
*Please check the best way to contact you.
_______ Email
Email address:____________________________________
_______ Phone
Phone Number:____________________________________