ACCELERATED ALGEBRA II - Kenton County Schools

Welcome to Algebra 2! We will be covering a variety of topics this year, including linear
equations, systems of equations, matrices, probability, quadratic equations, cubic equations,
exponential and rational functions, sequences and series, and probability.
This class is a required credit for graduation. A grade of 70% of above for the year will be
needed to pass.
The rules and policies outlined in the Code of Conduct will be followed in this class. I would like
to emphasize some of those rules. Students must be seated when the tardy bell rings, or they
will be counted tardy. There should be no talking while I am talking or during PA
announcements. Cell phones are not to be used for any purpose during class. Any student with
a visible cell phone will be subject to teacher and administrative consequences.
The following materials are required for class EVERY DAY:
1. pencil and paper (work done in pen will not be accepted)
2. Algebra 2 book
3. agenda
4. scientific calculator (make sure it has keys for e and ln)
Important note: Each student must have his or her own calculator for tests and quizzes. They
may not be shared between students in the class, as technology has made it easy to store
answers in them.
The school grading scale will be followed, and grades are separated into two categories:
TESTS AND QUIZZES (2/3 of grade)—There will be 3-4 major tests per quarter,
with several quizzes.
DAILY GRADES (1/3 of grade)—This category includes homework, classwork,
agenda grades, and weekly participation grades based upon being on time and on
EXTRA CREDIT—At times, students will be able to volunteer to work and
explain problems on the board to the class to earn extra credit.
Makeup work for excused absences should be completed and returned promptly. All missed
assignments will be entered as zeros until they are turned in. Students, note that it is your
responsibility to get and complete all missed work.
Parents: Grades can be accessed online through Infinite Campus. Please feel free to contact me
concerning your student’s progress in the course. I am easiest to reach via email at
[email protected] I am also available during my planning period from 12:241:19 at the school phone number (960-0100). Please do not hesitate to contact me for any
I understand the policies and grading system of Mr. Girard’s class.
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