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Yu-Tzu, Keats, Lin
Title of research
Integration of Spatial Planning, Climatic Risk Reduction and Vulnerability Analysis in Urban
Name of promotor
Prof. Vincent Nadin
Name(s) of supervisor(s)
(under discussion)
Research Subject
What is the vulnerability of urban systems to climate change in Taiwan and in European
countries? How can urban spatial planning and cross-sector policy-making be harmonized to
adapt to? By means of identifying the city whether or not has a high level of vulnerability to
climate change impact, the research will propose that different planning institutions
differences spatial planning suitable adaptive spatial planning measures.
Research Aims
Using vulnerability assessment as base principle, the research will distinguish the climatic
disaster risk in the urban area and suggest how to use the roles and tools of spatial planning
for future mitigation as well as adaptation measures.
Description of Work
1.articulating the related researches on the reaction between climate change(CC) and urban
human activities ;
2.compiling the issues and simulation results of CC on urban environment;
3.reviewing the relationship of urbanization and urban hazard prevention and the procedure
of current urban disaster prevention spatial planning in Taiwan and propose the adjustment
suggestions in terms of vulnerability analysis and risk management.
Projected publication output
1.To present an research article in the 24th AESOP Annual Conference
2.To submit a paper to the conference “Deltas in Times of Climate Change“ which in Rotterdam on
September 2010.
Achieved publication output (updateable)
1. Integrating Climatic Risk into the System for Spatial Planning and Urban Disaster Prevention in
Taiwan, 24th AESOP Annual Conference
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