Grade 10 Social Studies Origin of Humans Unit Test

Grade 10 Social Studies Unit 1 Review
Circle the letter that best completes the statement.
1. Prehistory ended and history began when humans learned to
A. speak
B. count
C. read and write
D. control fire
E. dome+sticate (tame) animals
2. Scientists believe the earth is approximately 4.6_____ years old.
A. thousands
B. million
C. billion
D. trillion
E. quadrillion
3. The first technology consisted of
A. fire
B. television
C. radio
D. stone tools
E. coal
4. This naturalist concluded that species changed over long periods
of time.
A. Charles Darwin
B. Don Johanson
C. Matthew Brady
D. Bertram Cates
E. Issac Newton
5. A petrified object is composed of
A. water
B. nickel
C. stone
D. wood
E. diamond
6. The oldest hominid in the fossil record was nicknamed “Lucy”.
She was special because she could
A. read and write
B. stand up straight
C. count
D. speak full words
E. all of the above
Indicate if the following statements are true or false by placing T
(true) F (False) on the line.
1. _T primary documents are records written by people of the
2. __F_ the Neolithic Age was much longer than the Paleolithic Age.
3. _T_ Archaeologists study early humans and civilizations.
4. _F_ our origins of human existence lie somewhere in South
5. _F___ the term ‘nomads’ describe the Neolithic way of life.
Part C:
Fill in the blanks with the term that matches the statement.
1. __JERICHO_______ is the name of the first known
___HOMINIDS__ is the name of a human like creature that
began to appear 4 million years ago. They are distinguished
from the apes by their ability to walk on two feet.
___FOSSILS are the recognizable remains or the impressions
left by plants or animals preserved in the earth’s
LUCY____________ is the name given to a set of fossilized
bones of a female dating back approximately 3.18 million
5. ARTIFACTS ARE human made objects such as tools, pottery
and ruines
6. _____CIVILIZATION______ is known as the practice of living
together in one place.
Part D:
The two major stages of prehistoric man were named the Paleolithic
and Neolithic periods. Compare these two time periods by completing
the following chart giving the indicated number of characteristics in
each stage.
Types of
How did
they get or
obtain Food
Hunting and
Stone tools
of animals
made from
sun baked
Polished tools
Weaving cloth
Answers will be scored as follows: one point for including a
topic sentence, two points for each valid supporting statement
and one point for including a concluding sentence. You must
answer all questions in proper paragraph form.
1. The Neolithic Revolution (age) resulted in significant changes in
the way of life for early humans. Discuss some of these
important changes focusing on technology, food and the way of
People changed from being hunters and gatherers to being
food producers.
2. Explain Charles Darwins’ Theory of evolution using at least 3
important facts from your notes.
 In his book the “Origin of Species” Darwin’s Theory of
Evolution was based on the idea that species changed or
adapted over time in response to their environment.
 Natural selection was the process that the strongest plants
and animals adapt to their environment and survived.
 That all man had one common ancestor; the ape
3. Explain how the division of labor advanced civilization.
 With the division of labor began to do individual jobs and when
people do only one job, they usually choose a job they enjoy and
do it well. This caused people to rely on one another and
eventually led to advanced civilizations.
4. Describe how fire changed the way people lived.
 It helped scare off predators
 A source of light
 They now cooked their food
 It provided warmth
 The fire was a gathering spot for people to socialize.
5. You have learned how humans evolved to adapt to changes in
the environment. Use your imagination to suggest how humans
might evolve in the future to adapt to environmental changes.
 Answers may vary but should be based on theory of
evolution and natural selection
6. Considering all the information discussed in class how in your
opinion did our world and humans come into existence. Perhaps
you believe in only one theory or maybe you believe it is a
combination of theories discussed in class.
 Answers may vary