Paleolithic Era versus Neolithic Era chart

Paleolithic & Neolithic Eras
What is the
time frame?
What did they
eat & how did
they get it?
Describe the
types of tools
they used and
how they used
the tools.
Arts & Crafts
What type of
art did they
create & how
did they create
Daily Life
Where did
they live?
Paleolithic Era
2.5 million years ago until
8,000 BC
Neolithic Era
 8,000 BC-4,000 BC
 Hunter-Gatherers
 Animals, fish, insects, nuts,
berries, plants
 They had to follow their food, so
they were always on the move
 Spears, clubs, traps and bows &
arrows to kill/trap food
 Used fire to cook and provide
 First to use technology-tools and
methods to help humans perform
 Example of technology: Flint, a
hard stone, used to axes and
 Over time, they made tools such
as fishhooks and needles from
animal bone
 Used metals, such as copper
and bronze, to create tools such
as sickle for cutting grain
 Specialization: development of
different jobs because people
had more time to create
 Cave paintings
 Used rocks to make paint
 Pottery from clay
 Plant fibers for mats and
 Carved objects out of wood
 Built shelters and tombs
 Nomads: they regularly moved
from place to place
 Followed the food
 Survival was difficult
Domesticated, or tamed, animals to
use for food and clothing
Farming revolution
Ate grains & vegetables (wheat,
barley, rice, soybeans, millet)
Began settling in villages such as
Jericho and Catal Huyuk
Homes were made of mud/brick and
decorated with wall paintings
Steady food supply meant healthier,
growing population