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Ancient Civilizations Test Review
1. What subgroup do humans today belong to?
2. Who were the first humans to learn to deliberately make fires?
3. Why were Paleolithic people nomadic?
4. What is the most significant change in the Neolithic Revolution?
5. What are the consequences or effects of the Neolithic Revolution?
6. How did the roles of men and women changed from the Paleolithic Age to the
Neolithic Age?
7. The use of metal marked the beginning of what age?
8. What are the 6 key traits of civilization?
9. Why did civilization emerge in Mesopotamia?
10.Who was Hammurabi and for what is he most remembered?
11. What is the most significant difference between Hammurabi's Code and the
American criminal justice system?
12. Explain the principle of retribution.
13.Who invented the cuneiform?
14.What are three Sumerian inventions that affect our lives today?
15. How are the rights of women in ancient Egypt similar to the rights of women
16. Compare the religions of ancient Egypt and the Hebrews.
17. How was Judaism different from other religions of the time?
18. Historians of China have traditionally dated the beginning of Chinese civilization to
the _____________________ Dynasty.
19. What were religious beliefs/practices of the Shang?
20. The fact that the city of Mohenjo-Daro was carefully planned is evidence of what.
1. archaeology
2. anthropology
3. prehistory
4. fossil
5. artifacts
6. Homo sapiens
7. Homo erectus
8. nomads
9. Neolithic
10.“old stone”
11.Neolithic Revolution
12. systematic agriculture
13. patriarchal
14. hieratic script
15. Phoenicians
16. theocracy
17. polytheistic
18. ziggurat
19. Judaism
20. Zoroastrianism