Prehistory Notes

Prehistory Notes
 BC Commonly known as Before Christ
 AD Anno Domini (not After Death)
 Anno Domini translates from Latin to English as “In the year of our Lord”
 BCE Before Common Era
 CE Common Era
The Timeline
World History
Prehistory Notes
World History
Paleolithic Age
Humans first appeared in Ancient Africa 1.5 million years ago!
This time period is called the Paleolithic Age
Paleo =Old + lithic = Stone Age
What did people use at this time period?
For tools? Answer: Stone Tools
Clothes? Answer: Clothing made from animal skins, some plant fibers as well.
What did they do? Answer: Men- Hunters & Women- Gatherers
Discovery of Fire= 500,000 – 1.4 million years ago
Neolithic Age
 Neo = New + lithic= Stone Age
 Occurred between 9,000- 7,000 years ago.
 What caused people to look for a new way of life?
 End of the Ice Age caused people to look for a new way of life.
 What type of Revolution occurred?
 Agriculture Revolution= When humans begin to grow crops; marks the beginning of the Neolithic Age
 Changes that happened to humans in the Neolithic Age:
 Cultivation of land &Domestication of animals
 People began to settle down in one place
 Surplus of Food
 Population begins to grow
 Cities develop
 Governments begin to form