Chapter One Quiz Review

Chapter One Quiz Review
- Prehistory
- Archaeologists
- Artifact
- Anthropologists
- Fossils
- Hunters and Gatherers
- Paleolithic Age
- Nomad
- Resources
- Domestication
- Social Order
- Culture
- Hominids
- Neolithic Age
- Australopithecines
- Homo Habilis
- Homo Erectus
- Homo sapiens
- Neanderthals
- Cro-Magnons
- Slash and burn farming
- Polytheism
- Theocracy
- irrigation
- Ethnocentrism
Understand the following:
1. Why are people different?
o Understand the three components of culture. Be able to give examples of
o Explain how culture is learned.
2. How is Science used to study history?
o What were some of the physical changes that the end of the Ice Age
o Name three Neolithic technology advances.
o Be able to compare and contrast farming villages and nomadic lifestyles.
o Be able to list the chronological order of hominid development.
o Understand the major differences between the Neanderthals and CroMagnon.
o How the Old Stone Age people used the world around them (technology
and vegetation).
o What can we learn about the Stone Age people from the Stone Age art
expression? (cave paintings, sculpture, and jewelry)
3. What are the Social and economic problems that led to civilization?
o How did the “way of life” change during the Neolithic Revolution?
o How did cooperation amongst people change during the Neolithic
o Name three Neolithic technology advances.
o 5 Themes of Civilization
5 Themes of Civilization