Letter of Recommendation for DM Mogale

Department of Chemistry
Faculty of Science
Arcadia Campus, Building 3-501
Tel: (012) 382 6382
Fax. (012) 382 6286
Dear Prospective Student
Thank you for your interest to pursue your post-graduate studies in the Department of
Chemistry at the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT). Please note that you must
already be in possession of a chemistry qualification that is at least on the same NQF level
as the B. Tech Chemistry offered by TUT (NQF level 8) to qualify to study for the M Tech:
Chemistry. If you intend to study for a D Tech: Chemistry you must already be in possession
of an M Tech: Chemistry or a relevant equivalent qualification (NQF level 9). If your
qualification is not from a South African tertiary institution, then your qualification must first
be evaluated by SAQA; the SAQA certificate of evaluation must be submitted to the
department before we can consider your eligibility for post-graduate study at TUT.
If you are currently employed and intend to do your research at your work place, please
provide contact details of the supervisor at your work who will supervise the research. It is
very important that you also provide evidence that this research is sanctioned by your
employer and that time has been allocated for you to undertake the project. All postgraduate research proposals and projects must be approved by the Department’s Research
and Innovation Committee (DRIC) which meets once a month (usually the last Wednesday
of the month).
All prospective students must complete the attached CHEM PGS001 form and return it to
Nkambulecm@tut.ac.za. If you do not already have a TUT student number you must
complete a TUT application form for admission (available online from www.tut.ac.za).
The department is involved in research that falls within three research niche areas:
Spectrometry; under the leadership of Prof. RI McCrindle McCrindleRI@tut.ac.za
Speciation; under the leadership of Dr. KL Mandiwana MandiwanaKL@tut.ac.za
Extraction processes; under the leadership of Prof. BM Botha BothaBM@tut.ac.za
The department also does research in the broad areas of nanotechnology and catalysis led
by Dr LM Cele (CeleLM@tut.ac.za) and Prof J Heveling (HevelingJ@tut.ac.za). While
currently not registered as a niche area, the department’s vision is to invest in this area of
research to be among the leaders nationally, and to be internationally competitive. The
department has strategic collaborative relationships with the National Research Foundation
facility at iThemba LABS (Laboratory for Accelerator Based Sciences) specifically to pursue
research in nanotechnology and nanomaterials; Prof M Maaza (maaza@tlabs.ac.za) is a
TUT Extraordinary Professor based at iThemba LABS.
You are free to contact the area leaders to find out if they have research projects to
accommodate your interest; it is easier to navigate the registration process if you first
approach possible research supervisors before sending your query to the departmental
administration. The TUT research website (www.tutresearch.net) has additional information
about active research groups and the topics of research interest.
Thank you once again for your interest in our department; I hope you will find the
information useful in your decision making.
Comfort Mduduzi Nkambule, PhD
Head of the Department of Chemistry
Chemistry PGS
PG Studies