King Tut

Weekly Writing Assignment: Unit 1, Week 1
What Was the Reason for King Tut’s Death?
Each week you will be assigned a 5 paragraph writing topic. You will have 7 days to complete the
assignment. We will work on the key word outline, rough draft and editing in class and you will have
time to complete the piece at home. Your assignment may either be hand written or typed. Below you
will find the requirements of this week’s piece:
Name, number and date in top right corner of paper
5 paragraphs with indentions
Must be at least 2 pages handwritten or one page typed, 14 size font only
3 uses of weekly dress-up, must be highlighted, below are the dress-ups
a. Unit 1, Wk 1 – Sentences worthy of 5th grade
6. A strong introductory sentence that grabs the reader
7. A strong concluding sentence that relates to your title
8. Bibliography (use to help you with your formatting: )
You will need 3 different research sources and you will need to site them in your piece with quotations.
See example below:
There are many possible causes of King Tut’s death. A.R. Williams of the National Geographic
magazine states in his 2013 article, Mystery of King Tut’s Death Solved, Maybe Not, “one cause of
death proposed at the time of the 2003 CT scan was a chariot crash.”
Here are 3 possible research sites.
Primary Homework Help
Scholastic News
National Geographic