Fashion Designers Research Project

Fashion Designers Research Project
Assignment: You will be researching a designer of your choice. You will create a PowerPoint or Photo
Story presentation to present to the class. This project is worth 200 points (160 for PowerPoint and
40 for presentation). You will also receive daily grades for your work done in class/lab. Make sure
you save to your U drive. Ask if you are not sure how.
- Criteria for your Power Point/Photo Story:
 Slide 1: (10 points) Name of Designer/Picture of Designer / By: “your Name”
 Slide 2: (10 points) Name of Designer/Where are they from/Date of birth/Date of death (if
 Slide 3-4: (20 points) Brief biography from childhood to current times or death
 Slide 5: (20 points) Education and Training/How did they get their start in the Fashion Industry
 Slide 6: ( 5 points) Who/What was their major influence on Fashion
 Slide 7: (10 points) What kind of garments/accessories do they design
 Slide 8: (5 points) Awards/Recognition received
 Slide 9: (10 points) What other interesting facts should we know about your designer (It does not
have to be fashion related)
 Slide 10: (10 points) Logo/Logos (some designers have more than one line)
 Slide 11-15: (50 points) Examples of their designs (need most current designs & prices)
 Creativity and Neatness: (10 points) Use a variety of background, sound effects; make writing very
visible, etc.
- Things to consider:
 Include examples of every arena your designer is involved in (ex: menswear, children’s clothing,
accessories, home, etc)
 Include a fashion show of your designers latest collection
 Try to make the pictures you download a small file size if possible
 Bring in a sample or wear something from your designer
- Criteria for your presentation:
Speak loud and clear, not monotone
Familiar with designer information (can discuss and not have to rely solely on presentation slides)
Add lib information not listed on your presentation materials
Take your time/Talk slowly and clearly
Eye contact with the class