Yr8 Options - Textiles old

Design and make skills
Designing and making a textile product
Fibres and fabrics
Finishing processes
Product analysis
Social, cultural, moral and environmental issues
Processes and manufacture
Production and planning
ICT in textiles
Coursework – 60%
Exam – 40%
• Researching and writing about other peoples’ designs
• Designing on paper and on computer to produce
quality design drawings and ideas
• Making prototypes, testing design ideas and writing
about what they have achieved
• Making high quality products using a wide range of tools
and techniques
• Work well both individually and in teams
• Can combine all their skills and understanding of
design to answer exam questions about all that they
have learned
• Enjoy working hard to see their own personal ideas
come to life
•Improve on their work in their own time
•Provide materials and components for making tasks
•Have a positive attitude to challenges and use this to
overcome them
•Follow all Health and Safety rules
Textiles is not an easy subject. You have to be
organised, motivated and interested in both the
theory and the practical.
There is lots of written work both in the written exam
and producing a written portfolio to accompany any
practical work.
Home Furnishings
SMART Textiles
Fashion Drawing
A Levels in Textiles Technology
Art/Design College
Fabric buyer, Clothes designer,
Pattern maker,
Fabric designers,
Pattern designer,
Toy designer, Toy maker,
Shop owner,
Wedding dress designer,
Fashion designer,
Trend setter, Fashion forecaster, Textiles teacher,
Textile artist,
Winner of Young Fashion Designer Competition
Future Technologist,
Children's clothes designer
• For any more information, please see
• Miss Rance
• Ms Woodrow